I’ve been writing since I was very small. I remember my first short story was about a bike that came alive and wanted to be a dirt bike so it went cross country to find a way to enter itself into a race. It ate pizza. I was a very odd child.

I first started thinking about writing professionally when I was around thirteen and I wrote my first series, which was an awful combination of Gone with the Wind and soap operas my mother and I would watch together in the afternoon. Everyone was sleeping with everyone—or dying by gunshot wound. I started doing my homework on the publishing business early and knew how to go about it in a few years.

I’ve always been interested in human sexuality and once I got to college it really flourished into something bigger. When I took a few Women’s Studies courses sex was a very controversial topic and it made me want to branch out in terms of my reading until I landed on erotica.

Once I got out of college, I submitted my first erotica manuscript to a print anthology. Like every beginning writer, there were rejections. But I was persistent and eventually found my home at Ellora's Cave.