June 2010

What To Do With Self Doubt

1. Burn it

2. Freeze it in a piece of ice and send it to Alaska and hopes that a creature eats it.

3. Drink it away!

4.Blast it out with angry music and a moshpit

5. Don't give into it---no matter how tempting.

Giddy Dancing has Commenced!

My new short-short, Keeper, has reached #52 on Amazon.com's Bestseller List under Lesbian Erotica! Color me excited! Thanks everyone for picking up a copy and for reading it! I'm gonna go dance around my new house and try not to trample over my cat! Combine that with Keeper's amazing review from Seriously Reviewed and this week has just been stellar for me!

Recommended Read: Edge of Heaven By Rhiannon Leith

“Edge of Heaven” by Rhiannon Leith

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