November 2010

You are NEVER a better writer

This is a hard concept for me to grasp. That no one is perfect. That I shouldn't try and be exactly like other people I admire. That no matter how far we exceed expectations there are always several tiers of aspirations that keep us moving further. There is no end to a writer's career unless they quit cold turkey. Ideally, a writer won't ever do that, but it has happened. There is no such thing as a "better writer" than someone else. Rather we're all on our own different paths, striving for different things, so to make comparisons between one career and another doesn't make much sense.

Gotta Have It: A celebration, that is

Sharing my space with Stacy Kennedy!

Today I invited author Stacey Kennedy to share my space for a bit for a little fun and games! Thanks for joining me, your books look like yummy thrill rides I'll want to do over and over again! What a gorgeous cover! I don't think I'm used to using so many exclamation points...and now I'm rambling...back to Stacey!!!!

A Snippet of Thumbtacks

 I've always had a thing for office supplies and really wanted to do a story geared towards that particular fetish. This is what I came up with and Brie and Tyler were a lot of fun to write! Thanks for reading!

Oh Yay

On Amazon UK, I'm 120 on the erotica list. But that's not nearly as cool as this:

Thumbtacks is now avaliable for Nook and Kindle

My new release is now avaliable for Kindle and Nook in e-book formats.

Thumbtacks is for sale on Amazon Kindle

My new release with Elise Hepner Writing is out for Amazon Kindle today!

Let's Play A Game

This game's called Elise is trying self publishing for the first time. I've got my lesbian erotica short story Thumbtacks coming out on Barnes and Nobles Pubit and avaliable on Kindle within the next day or two. I'll update with the exact day it goes up for sale. Once I work out the kinks of formatting I hope to get my work out to a few more sites as well. For now I've launched the beginning of Elise Hepner Writing and we'll see how it goes.