May 2011

NYC Sex Museum For The Win

I was lucky enough to go to NYC over Memorial Weekend with my bestest bestie and I got a chance to step into the hallowed, amazing, stupendous halls of The Museum of Sex! Let me tell you, if you haven't gone, you must. I plan to return whenever I'm in NYC because they have revolving exhibits and there's so much to see and do and learn. It's a mecca of informative, naughty goodness. Here's what I came home with from the awesometastic gift shop:

Resistance is Futile

No matter what I do, no matter how big my backlog is on my TBR (To Be Read) pile is--I can't help it, I'll buy more books. It's a literary disease! One that makes my skin itch every time I see a new literary world I haven't explored yet that's out on the shelf ready for my enjoyment. And then, of course, my long time favorite authors happen to release all their books around the same time and I'm once again completely and utterly helpless.

It's a physical rush knowing that soon I'll have three of my favorite author's books in my hands so I can savor every word!

It's Official, My Website is Live and Kicking

So after Blogger's epicness of going down FOREVER, I didn't get a chance to share with anyone my new, gorgeous website made by my loving husband. Isn't it pretty? I really love everything about it and it's perfect timing for my new release Party Games from Ellora's Cave. What do you guys think?

Party Games

by Elise Hepner
Published by Ellora's Cave on May 10, 2011
An Erotica Selection

William’s boring lovemaking leaves Charlotte unsatisfied. Harboring fantasies she can’t put into words, she longs for a sexual voice but finds herself too stifled by her proper social upbringing.

Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex

by Anthology Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Published by Cleis Press on February 1, 2011
An Erotica Selection

Every word counts in each of these stories that get right to the point. Rachel Kramer Bussel has gathered together a plentitude of short, original erotica stories spanning every way you can "get it on" in every kind of setting, with a wild and wide variety of sexual orientation - quickie sex threesomes, sex toys, public sex, BDSM, fetishes, fantasies and MUCH more.


by Anthology Edited by Selena Kitt
Published by Excessica on October 1, 2010
An Erotica Selection

Whether it’s werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, angels, ghosts or aliens—these are stories with all of those strange and wonderfully sexy creatures that fascinate the human psyche! Come on a spicy, paranormal journey that ventures into titillating realms bound only the imaginations of your favorite eXcessica authors! A dozen stories included in this volume by Wynter O’Reilly, Selena Kitt, D.B. Story, Sommer Marsden, J.M. Snyder, Dakota Trace, Piers Anthony, Roxanne Rhoads, Elise Hepner, Darcy Sweet, Christabel Rouseau and Erin O’Riordan.

Happy Ever After

by Anthology Edited by Selena Kitt
Published by Excessica on April 4, 2010
An Erotica Selection

We all grew up hearing fairy tales – but these are fairy tales like you’ve never heard them before! Some of these stories have an ending, setting or twist you might not remember, or are modern versions of an old tale, but all of them are guaranteed to awaken the big bad wolf in you faster than you can say Rumpelstiltskin! Don’t miss eXcessica’s sexy anthology retelling erotic versions of classic fairy tales!

College Trouble

by Elise Hepner
Published by Excessica on March 11, 2010
An Erotica Selection

Clair and Marie have been best friends for years. As college roommates their late night study session for biology becomes an exploration of their biology when these drunken slackers need some relaxation. During their test they are faced with the consequences of not passing when their professor gives them a crash course in extra credit.

How can I get started writing Erotica or Erotic Romance?

First things first, you have to avidly read in the genre you want to write. If you don't like it and are just doing it because it's trendy, it won't work. Read as much as you can get your hands on, analyze, figure out which books you like better and why, and then pinpoint what you'd want to put in your writing.

What is your typical writing day like?

My daily schedule shifts from day to day in terms of times I wake up and go to sleep but my routine stays the same. When I get up I get a cup of tea, read my followed blogs on Blogger, check Tweetdeck and Facebook. Then I respond to emails and open up the newest work in progress or WIP that's banging around in my brain. I write at least 1k a day and that can switch from different projects. At the end of the day I check any calls for submission for publishers and plan my tasks over the next month on my calender. Pretty boring, average stuff.