Release Day: As Done by Gilmore Girls GIF's

Above is what waking up that first morning on release day feels like because mostly I just want to hide back under the covers and pretend it's not happening to me.

Then there is the inevitable shock of seeing my lovely tome online--with people buying it.
I watch them. I watch them like a hawk. Sometimes the rankings don't move so much, all of the panic ensues.
Ah, the inevitable lunch meltdown where I realize I can't promo anymore or I'll stop making sense and start vibrating so quick I'll pop through time and space due to too much caffeine. This is a bad time.

It's around this time that I convince myself that readers LOVE my book. They have to love it. Right...Right? A nice land of delusion blankets me in sweet warmth and song. This is a place where George R.R. Martin characters don't die.

I have given up, I have fought the battle, I hope I have won. But mostly, I wrote a book. It's out there. There's no going back now.

As you may or may not know, today is the release day of Ex-Retreat, my first contemporary femdom erotic romance full length book! Getting this book out was a feat much like climbing Mount Everest which is why I'm currently holed up in my office playing Disney music as I type this and planning to color later, because, well, I have reasons. If you're interested in picking up my fun little book it's only 99 cents for a limited time at all retailers and here's the jist, in case you wanted a refresher:

Warning: This book contains a geeky, secretly insecure but overly cocky handy-man with a penchant for pleasing, a dominatrix in training who’s on the rebound, and enough smut to strip a couple layers off your soul. Plus there’s mac n’ cheese with a smattering of self-actualization for good measure.
After Chloe Barrons’ fiancé cheats on her via webcam, she begrudgingly accepts her Type-A mother’s offer of a spur of the moment luxury spa weekend. But things don’t play out quite from point A to point B when she arrives drunk and disoriented on the front porch of a deserted North Carolina beach house. From the very start she’s caught off guard by Noah Knightly, a sinfully sexy, self-proclaimed commitment-phobe who’s a handyman for his sister’s relationship rehabilitation center—a rehab where Chloe is the sole guest during off-season.
But faced with temptation, to stay guarded she’ll have to call the shots.
Noah shouldn’t have taken Chloe’s reservation. But in need of a second pair of hands to fix up the beach house, he throws all his sister’s rules out the window. Soon he worries that maybe he’s bitten off more than he can chew: each day Chloe cracks more of his cocky façade bringing down his guards to reveal a stuttering geek who has a hidden will to please her in any way possible.
With no way to ignore her pain, Noah sets himself up as a guniea pig to prove to Chloe that not all men are created equal—in or out of the bedroom. As Chloe comes into her own through every sexual session, Noah needs to decide if he’s man enough to accept the one thing he never thought he wanted—love.
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