Summer is Over, But it's Still Hot Here

Welcome ladies and gents to a post celebrating an amazing, caring, and fantastic writer,  Sommer Marsden, someone who I've considered both a friend and a mentor throughout my erotica and erotic romance career. I had the pleasure of being a part of an anthology that benefits Sommer's family while her husband goes through chemo for pancreatic cancer, Summer Loving, and now I get to share, share, share a smoking hot snog for this blog tour.

So here's a snippet from my contemporary erotic romance Ex-Retreat, which I will be self-publishing before the end of 2014, and please check out the other blogs on the hop with sexy scenes HERE. There's also an opportunity to donate directly to Sommer's family on the blog tour home page, obviously not required, but would be appreciated. Onward!

* * * *

With an invigorating deep breath, she popped up from her chair, and snagged his forearm in an iron grip. Slightly drunk and completely sloppy with her thoughts, Chloes fingers tightened around his smooth forearm. Beneath her grip his muscles tensed. His eyes widened. Before she could take back her mistakehe probably didnt want to be touched after their near miss of a kisshe yanked her down into his lap.
Cripes!She tumbled to the side, half angled on and off his jean clad lap with both of her hands resting on his chest.
Against her palms his heart catapulted beneath his muscles. As if someone had pressed pause, they lingered, his gaze half-lidded. His arms moved to curl her up closer into his body. Adrenaline twisted to the toes of her feet. Her stomach nearly bottomed out as awareness twitched through her nerve endings. The fantasy of his skin beneath her fingers became her sole focus as the rest of the world dropped away.
Were there still complications? Always. But as her measured breaths brought in more oxygen to her lungs, she didnt find herself getting any smarter.
What are you…” Almost touching lips. A small dividebut one she wasnt willing to breach again.
Their noses almost touched. A random image of Noah giving her an eskimo kiss flitted through her mind and she smiled while trying to measure his quiet, closed off silence. When his hand shifted up her spine and into her hair she gasped, taking in a quick drag of his citrus scent.
Though her mind fed her questions, her mouth refused to work. She wouldnt start itbut she couldnt stop him. Not with his body heat flaring up through his jeans and their limbs snug together like theyd always belonged intertwined.
Either way, when his lips tightened and resolve slipped over her. Chloe got ready to spring from his lap, tuck tail, and run to the phone to call a cab. Men only got one chance at rejection. There was no amount of groveling that would open her heart once shed closed it. His thumb slipped across the side of her jaw. A shaky caress that left her throat tight and aching. This wasmore. So much more.
The last thing Chloe expected was for Noah to separate the last inch between them. From the tip of her toes she was poised to bolt. But he didnt move so much as a muscle. He nodded once as if waiting for permission. Before he took the last inch between them and smashed it into oblivion by taking her mouth quick enough she didnt have time to draw breath.
An instant moan leapt from her lips. He matched the strokes of his thumb to the ease of his tongue along her bottom lip. She opened to him like shed been longing to do for longer than she cared to admit. His whole body vibrated. Engulfed by his strength and anchored by his gentle slow, exploratory touch, she was lost to it all in a tide of contrasts.
The soothing murmur of waves became a dull ringing in her ears. She kissed him, matching the slow, steady thrust of his tongue while her hands explored the firm planes of his chest and shoulders. Noah groaned low in his mouth, nibbling on her bottom lip. Beneath the back of her upper thigh she sensed his cockhard and oh, so promising.  His hand smoothed into her hair, tilting her head back for a deeper kiss. She wasawakened.
I shouldntbut I couldntI cant get enough of you,he whispered against her lips.
How could her body be so tight and yet she remained mellow at her core? God, itd been so long since she gave herself license to explore! Explore anyone. Explore herself and what she was feeling. If shed stayed too long on any one aspect of her relationship she might have been confronted with the horrible truth that she hadnt been happy in a long time.
But wrapped in his firm embrace with the will being kissed out of hershe was bliss incarnate.
He made a low, maddening noise in the back of his throat and his hips lifted against her ass. It was a feat that she managed to stay still. Her mind was screaming for her to react and grind back down on him while the rest of her loved the aching tease winding through her limbs. Noahs lips eased away only a fraction and her eyes slit open to catch him watching her with a humbled, easy grin.
As his hand dropped away from her head she curled back into the touch. For the moment, unafraid to meet him stride for stride in their weird little ditty of a romance dance. Noahs pleased noise only encouraged her as she bent forward and kissed his cheek. When was the last time shed used so shy a move? Not even in second grade had she displayed any kind of wariness toward boys.
As her nipples hardened, a blush made her cheeks burn.
Why didnt we do that before?she ventured figuring she could always claim the question was asked under tipsy circumstances later and leave it at that. Already the moonlight on his face shimmered too brightly and the world tilted. She took her first big deep breath in a bit.
This is g-g-going to sound fucking psychotic  to put-put-put it lightly. Bu-but, I made a promise to my-myse-myself that Id consider myself abstinent while Im at my sisters place out of respect. Earlier, I was worried that once we got goingI didnt know if I could stop.
There are other places to occupy ourselves than in the house, you know.
It slipped from her lips before she could shut her big, fat trap.
Good to know youre thinking ahead.He said with raised brows and a very masculine, very pleased with himself smile. Shall we go get dinner?
Sure, but, um…” Chloe looked in the direction of his lap.

Its a hard on, not debilitating. Itll just make me walk a little gingerly and awkward for a bit,he dryly remarked.