Where The Hell Did My Summer Go?

Or my entire year, for that matter. After getting back from Authors After Dark in Charlotte, NC my life has been a constant scramble to catch up while balancing socialization with all the nifty, kick ass writers I met there this year. So. Many. Good. Times. Among them a trip to a BDSM play club, a fabulous book signing where yours truly kicked ass, and so many books. It was so amazing to meet all the readers there, so many hugs! Also many late night talks in the bar area, vigorous jazz hands, and games of Cards Against Humanity.

Some people really got to see a look into my twisted mind during Cards Against Humanity, it was fun to see the little short girl pull out some pretty creepy stuff. I enjoy being a surprise.

Right now I'm working on my second cozy mystery in the Written to Death series while watching the amazing Simpsons marathon going on for days and days and days. It's awesome and odd that I remember as much as I do of the early seasons, given that I was seven at the time of Season Five--where we are right now while I write this post. Some of my fav's from Season Four were when Lisa drinks the Duff Garden's water during the Duff Beer Ride, Bart getting a new Dad, and the one where Bart has a crush on the babysitter. I'm waiting with baited breath for the Treehouse of Horror episodes. God, the commercials are right. My life is going to revolve around this channel until the The Simpsons marathon is over...you know you have a problem when...

In other, more professional, news ALL OF THE BOOKS WILL BE COMING OUT SOON. Literally, so many of them. My first Written to Death cozy mystery, Dead Lines, focused around an alt woman who's forced to move back home after graduate school when the job market dries up to be the town obituary writer will be coming in the Fall. There should be a cover reveal coming soon. I love this book so much, there aren't words to describe how much fun I had writing it. Even if it is an insane departure from my usual.

I'll also be publishing my first Fem-Dom novel since Sex Tool with a geeky, stuttering hero and a heroine who is having trouble finding herself--but that all changes when she's shipped off to relationship rehab--and the place is closed for the off-season with one hot hero caretaker. Bum, bum, bum...

I think that's all the updates I have for now, but thanks for keeping up with me, and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter seen on the sidebar of my blog for giveaways, free books, secret excerpts, deleted scenes, and other goodies.

Have a kick ass day,


P.S. Now Mr. Burns is marrying Marge's Mom...Hehehehe