A New Chapter And A Sale

Let's start off with more good news before you get to the even more good news, shall we? Well, it's all good, so it's relative. But I'm excited! Today all of my Ellora's Cave releases are on sale on Amazon. Like fairytales, multiple partners, or polyamory? What about fairytales and BDSM? Or M/M/F menage historical? I've got that, check it out HERE.

A Packing Frenzy

This week my life is devolving into chaos as I prepare myself for the magic of Author's After Dark in Charlotte, NC. Are you going as well? Maybe we'll see each other! I'm taking the train, twelve blissful hours with my Kindle Fire and a laptop while I watch the scenery--I kind of can't wait. Not even a little bit.

A Little Spice of Summer

Today was a day of antiquing, but when I got home I figured you guys and gals would like to see some neat graphics that my friend Scott Carpenter put together for me for Summer Loving. For those who don't already know, Summer Loving is a super cheap, super awesome erotica anthology put together by 20 of us erotica authors. All proceeds go to another author and the explanation/brainchild idea is explained on Alison Tyler's blog HERE. Let's go forth with the pretties now, shall we?

And The Beat Goes On Through Our Wattpad Experience....Or More Free Chapters

Hot Deal In The City...

Trapped With Sin: A Wattpad Experiment

Today I started a Wattpad account and put up the first installment to my romantic comedy erotica novel, Trapped With Sin, which is free on Wattpad. I'll be updating a new chapter every week. Trapped With Sin is about a female bounty hunter, Riley, who has the chance of a lifetime to bring in her ex-high school boyfriend Tate for skipping bail.

Instagram it up!

I am now the proud, slightly reluctant owner of an Instagram account now that I finally bought into the correct century and upgraded my phone from 2011. Follow me at: Elise_Hepner. Hopefully I'll see you all there?

A Little Slap and Tickle: Redux

So ladies and gents, A Little Slap and Tickle got a great review, bring on the cheerleaders. If you'd like to see the full awesomeness, please direct yourself to Romancing The Book where they said it was an "Enjoyable Read". Woot! Some highlights:

Sale, Sale, Sale! Goodies For You!

Today I got the pleasant pre-conference news that the first book in my Furies Series, Furious Lust is on sale at all third party retailers for 2.99. That coincides nicely with my new release, as you all know, of the second book in the series, Furious Temptation which is out now. Which means you can get both books for a pretty penny! Here are the links:


Authorgraph Alert

All of my books are now on Authorgraph, a digital autographing system, where you can have me sign  my books for you without ever leaving the comfort of your computer. The way I understand it, my signature transfers over to the ebooks in your library as well, I think, maybe. Wanna give it shot with me? Hop on over here.

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