A Stopover from Justine Elyot About Shared Tastes

I always love having Justine on the blog, so here's another one of her awesome posts. I wish I could live in this book, it's right up my alley! An auto-buy, for sure.

Shared Tastes

A Look Into Worldbuilding

Ever wonder how I crafted my World Bible for The Furies Series? How I kept different eye color's straight for demon made's and demon born's? How I didn't throw a fit every time I had to think about where exactly the Underworld elevator system had stops?

Go to Barbara Huffert's blog and see the magic! Like Skittles, but without a rainbow.

Furious Temptation is Out in The Wild

Today Furious Temptation, my sequel to Furious Lust, is available from all third party retailers including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and All Romance Ebooks.

A Little Lookie-loo With Layna

Where am I today? Ooo, where's my Carmen Sandiego jacket? I'm over at Layna Pimentel's blog where I did an exclusive interview with one of the main character's of Furious Temptation. Find out key facts like: slippers or socks, where would they go if they could go anywhere, etc? It's a tell all for those wanting to know what makes Omen or Meg tick, tick, tick...

A little Q and A...Wait, is that like T and A?

Today I'm over at SallyAnne Roger's house where she's given me a lovely interview. Go read up the facts, boom!

Drama With A Capital D

Alexandra Christian was nice enough to allow me to take over her blog today and I'm talking about bringing the drama to my new release, Furious Temptation, the second book in my The Furies Series about bad ass demon sisters who have it all, but find themselves conflicted when a little romance becomes a part of their realities. Go check it out!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Vicki Lacey gave me her blog for a little play session and I allowed my character's to take the floor for another slap-bang, bang up interview. Hope you enjoy!

New Release Nerves

My second book in The Furies Series comes out today, Furious Temptation, you can snatch a copy over at Secret Cravings Publishing or you can wait until next Monday when it will be out on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles as well as other third parties. Either way, my book is out in the world. The book that nearly didn't get completed because it took me so long to figure out where the plot was going so I could feel confident following it.

Winner, Winner,...Book...Dinner?

So, with the help of my kitty assistant Ember, I've picked a name of the winner of my four book giveaway from my backlist. I wrote everyone's name on a piece of paper, scattered them on the carpet, and waited for Ember to pounce on them. It was a epic fun method and I think I'll be employing it again.

And the winner is...Melissa Crisp! Thank you everyone for having fun at my blog and I hope to see you around here again soon. Melissa, I will email you soon with more information.

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