Working From Home: Or, The Struggle

So there's this thing right now, this thing where I get bombarded with ideas in the middle of writing 2 or 3 works in progress--and there's no way to stop it. I get dragged along on six different paths while I'm trying to focus on something entirely different. It's hard to avoid. Especially when I work from home, see the same scenery every day, and fall into a writing slump. I'm in one of those right now. 30k into two big books that have awesome potential, one planned NA, and one unplanned romantic suspense pouring out of me. And then all the writing comes to a grinding halt.

Playing Around With Photoshop

A lot of author's have been releasing these lately, so I figured I'd try my hand at them. What do you think?

Cover Reveal: Furious Temptation

My newest cover in the Furies Series has been pinned to the side of my blog for a bit now, but I came to the startling conclusion that I never announced it here on my blog. Author fail! With my mind running like a hamster wheel I tend to forget things here and there, it's like I have constant book pregnancy brain.

V-day Blog Hop Winner

Today is the day! The day of glory! Or...the time when I announce the winner of my A Little Slap and Tickle giveaway by random hat drawing. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about the sexiness that is men like Chris Hemmsworth, Viggo Mortison, and Ian Somerhalder, I had so much fun with you this week and reading your answers. But now, the moment has arrived *drumroll*:

The winner of a copy of A Little Slap and Tickle as picked by my DH from his cowboy hat is...Cindi! I will be emailing you shortly to figure out your preferred e-book format.

Valentines From My TV Boyfriends

Welcome V-day Hoppers, today I'm welcoming my TV boyfriends to my blog and showcasing their homemade gifts for lovely ol' me. I'm a lucky girl!

Kay Jaybee: Hitting 90 and Still Writing

Hitting 90 and Still Writing
Kay Jaybee

K.D. Grace: Bring on the Chaos

Today I have the awesome K.D. Grace on my blog talking about chaos and order!

Bring on the Chaos
By K D Grace

The End of Holiday Cheer

Last night we took our ugly Christmas tree took a little while haha. We have a hard time letting go of the holidays and my house is a little lazy as a result of all the work we do around here. My little writer brain tends to glaze over things only petting kitties, doing laundry, and reading books. Tree, what tree? Huh?

Alison Tyler: Work in Progress

Today I have the insanely awesome Alison Tyler on my blog. She's an amazing author, a kick ass editor, and I've been lucky enough to work with her on a few projects. Being in one of her anthologies was my main goal when I first started out in this crazy erotica world and she made my dream come true last year. Give her a warm welcome, everyone!

Guest Post: Lucy Felthouse, M/M Backlist, and a $10 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway

Today I have the fabulous and dynamic Lucy Felthouse on my blog talking about how building a back list is a unique experience to each author as well as how to expand a catalogue in the M/M genre. She's also giving away a $10 dollar Amazon giftcard to one lucky reader!

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