Pancreaintitis is a Bitch, Avoid It

So, I've been gone again for the 90th time, mainly because I was in the hospital for a week recovering from pancreantits which is inflammation of the lining of the pancreas. I don't recommend it. The doctor's still have no clue how it happened as I don't drink nor do I have gallbladder stones which are the two most common indicators. But, I'm also used to being a medical mystery. I was in the hospital three days after I moved to a different state and since then it's been hours in bed forcing myself to recover.

That Day I Had Stuff To Yap About

Yes, the day has come for an epic update of my world right now since I've been so amiss in writing until my head falls off my neck. First thing's first a BOGO sale for erotic books buy The Big Book of Orgasms and get an erotic title free of charge.

Book Sale, Book Sale, Get Your Books!

Hey, ladies and gents, currently I'm running a sale on my new paranormal novella release over at Smashwords, One More Rub, and it's only .99 cents with coupon code: #454545; font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;">AD38E.

An Oldie, But A Goodie

Okay, first of all, where in the hell did my summer go and where was I? Wow, that was a blink of time. Guess I spent too much time in front of my blinking cursor to notice Fall's right around the corner, whoops! Oh well, lots of goods news to dole out today!

A Pre-Birthday Present to All of You

I have a special treat for all my wonderful readers who have stuck with me for these past fives years and in honor of my birthday I'm giving away some hot, hot stuff. My new release is a lesbian erotica novella based off The Little Mermaid with contemporary twist AND it's FREE! All free. Free, free, free! So pick up your copy on Smashwords in multiple formats HERE and here's the blurb:

Victory! Book Accomplished!

I feel like I just stole all the stars up in the sky and swallowed them so that they are shining through my proud, little body! Yesterday I finished up the final words on my mystery series that scared the crap out of me, that I could never write, that was the antithesis of a genre I wasn't comfortable with--but I did it. And I hope I rocked it. So today is all about jotting down all of my edits that need to be made and getting ready to spit polish like a crazy person.

Winner of Summer Bloghop (About Time, Right?)

So, yeah...I'm a little late on this one. I blame life. And my writing addiction! I have workaholic tendencies and we just got DH through a month period where he had to find a new job before we were screwed because he's getting laid off. But he's a got one, hopefully, that will work out for everyone. But because of that my head has been a little less in the game, apologies my friends, much apologies.

Party Time Wayne, Party on Garth!

Hey everyone,

I'm starting off my summer with an awesome trip to Ocean City on Tuesday, free of all technology, work, and with lots of delicious drinks. My plan is to lounge in the sun, visit the island with the ponies, eat a lot of good food and push thoughts of deadlines out of my head for a couple days. While I'm daydreaming about my vacation it's sort of fun that I'm a part of the Wet and Wild Bloghop while I'm getting ready to get down and dirty with my girlfriends. The best vacations are the ones where I don't bring my laptop, I like to work too much.

I Swear, I'm Alive. Promise. Maybe.

Well, I had quite the month of April, so much so that I didn't even know when it had passed me by until about three days ago. But I'm still here, at my computer, typing away. Nothing much has shifted except I've been working on a lot of random stuff with nothing really completed yet. Although I do have one submission out right now, it doesn't make the other rejections I've gotten over the past couple months fade into the background.

Every writer should be used to rejection--yeah, it never gets any easier. Screw that.

I need a Nip/Tuck for this sickness

Been down in the dumps with the epic crud going around here and there hasn't been much brain power to write, so I've been indulging in a marathon of Nip/Tuck, which I've never seen before, and I can't decide whether I love it because it's so screwed up or whether it's so screwed up that I love it. But I just can't look away--maybe it's the cold meds. But between the Nyquil and the naked Christian Troy ass, I'm one doped up, happy woman.

Hopefully, I'll be back in the saddle with my writing soon.

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