Big Cocks Blog Hop Winner

Big Cocks and Shamrocks Blog Hop has been over for a bit now and I've got a winner to announce: *cue drumroll*  Congratulations, Sheri Vidal! The winner was chosen at random by a random number generator. I'll be in touch soon, Sheri, and thank you everyone who put in their two cents on embarrassing experiences! Reading them made me feel a little less embarrassed about my own!

Big Cocks and Shamrocks Blog Hop

Bumper Cars

I'm blogging over at Silken Sheets about the changing writing climate and how best to adapt to it. Go check it out!

Crawling Through Temptation

TRR 2nd Anniversary Party Game

This is my Work Board...

By Snuggling Things, I Write Better

Or that's the theory I've unscrambled from my brain over at Silken Sheets and Seduction today. Come on over to check out pictures of my babies (my cats), meet them, and learn how they help my flow when the words don't come out right.

Part Time Home

Hey ladies and gents, today and every other 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month I'm making my home as a guest blogger at Silken Sheets and Seduction with a bunch of other fine writer ladies. So if you want to see me today, go over here.

Happy Valentines Day may it be like your beauty, effulgent. Ten bucks to anyone who can define the source of that quote. Or maybe a free book or two. Bonus points for details. Here's a hint:

Cleis New Release, Heh, It Rhymes

Superbowl Madness and What it Means To Me

Today parked in front of the TV with all my friends I will be thinking one thing and one thing only: I'm so glad I brought my Nook to this gathering. And then I will chow down on homemade delicious food and goodies, pause my reading to watch the infamous Super Bowl commercials, and care very little about the actual game. Even if that is wrong because I'm from MD and the Ravens are in the Superbowl therefore I'm supposed to hooting and hollering with the best of 'em.

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