New Writers Week: Loribelle Hunt

Hey y’all! Thanks for having me today!

I’m Loribelle Hunt. I live in southern Alabama with my husband and three kids. I’m a television and internet junkie and an avid reader. When I’m not writing I’m often indulging my other passion, photography. I love taking portraits and in October I photographed my best friend’s wedding, which was a blast.

New Writer's Week: Gregory Allen

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#333333; font-family: 'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 17px; margin-top: 10px;">Serving Her opens with Kimberly introducing Alex to taking rubber band snaps on his hard cock.

New Writer's Week: Cassandre Dayne


New Writer's Week: Lauren Murphy

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Hi my name’s

New Release: Furious Lust Is Here

2013 Goals in The Year of Fear

I've nicknamed the last month of 2012 and the majority of my 2013 "The Year of Fear" because I plan to do a lot of projects, submissions, and general epicness that absolutely scares the ever loving crap out of me. One of those things last year was writing my first full length novel at 82k--now this year I get to write two more by May. I'm currently working on Furious Temptation Book 2 of The Furies Series for SCP right now. Furious Lust Book 1 edits are going to be in my hands this weekend. Let's see how I do with that, shall we?

Releases and Rainbows

Today I've got two new releases from Xcite and both of them are lesbian erotica novella's and .99 cents or FREE if you have Amazon Prime. Yippie Skippie! Pick them up on Kindle for now or on Xcite's homepage in e-pub format. All other third party formats will be available soon.

Naughty Secrets 2012 Edition

Welcome to my portion of the Naughty New Years Blog Hop where I reveal all my naughty secrets from 2012 and my goals to come to be a little less naughty for 2013. We can all hope not to be too bad--but sometimes the halo goes crooked anyway. Here are my lists of sins for 2012:

Plans for 2013 and 2012 Follow-up

Well, I had quite the ambitions for 2012, probably more than I knew I could feasibly make--but I did pretty damn good considering my year. Here's a recap of what I wanted to do for 2012, my goals:

The BDSM Appeal

I'm guest blogging over at Skye Warren's hangout today talking about the allure and appeal of BDSM. What with the ressurgance in my chosen genre, why not talk a little shop? Remember, you still have until Dec 20th to comment on any of my posts to enter into the random drawing to win a 10 dollar gift card to All Romance Ebooks and all the sexy goodness within those walls.

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