Sexual Tension Ahoy

What's steamier than Ian Somerhalder? A long three pages of sexual tension before the big bang in one of my books. Well, I don't know if it's steamier, per se, Ian's pretty yum worthy. But I'm gabbing about it over on Sara Brookes Blog today for the Sextionary Blog Hop.

Ways to Spice Up a Marriage

My guest blog today for the Sextionary Blog Hop grand tour is all about spicing up a marriage -in or out of the honeymoon phase. And I want your input! Check out Liza Brown's Blog for more information!

Board Game Sexy Times

I'm on Chloe Waits blog today talking about how to make board games a little spicier than usual. This is the 4th stop on my Sextionary Blog Hop. Here's where I've been and where I'll be, in review:

Who is Jasper?

I'm guest blogging over at Justine Elyot's Blog today for the third stop on my Sextionary blog hop and I'm blogging about the inspiration for my hero, Jasper, in my new BDSM novella. A hint, the main idea came from a character from Sons of Anarchy.

Infinite Story Possibilities

I'm guest blogging over at Mamakitty Reviews today and gabbing about how Sextionary started off as a different story entirely--in every sense of the word. This is my second stop on my blog hop. Comment for a chance to win a 10 dollar All Romance Ebooks giftcard at the end!

Interview of Legend with Willsin Rowe

Today I'm talking shop with Willsin Rowe over on his blog about why BDSM is so popular, what I'd never write, and who'd be my ultimate threesome. Stop by and comment to win a 10 dollar All Romance E-books gift card at the end of the hop!

Sextionary Releases Today

Most excellent news today in the form of a new release! Many new releases will be coming your way because apparently, I just wanted to close out my 2012 with a bang. Today's new release is Sextionary, a BDSM novella that was supposed to be a short story--but it wouldn't shut up and kept growing. So, now it's a novella, and it's only .99 cents. For eighteen thousand delicious, kinky words. Happy Holidays!

New Writer's Week: Tigris Eden

A big thank you to Elise for having me on her blog for New Writer’s Week.

Rubberband Snap Fragile

I can't believe it's been so long since I started this blog. Back when I was tumbling head over feet and trying to get my degree while secretly dreaming and scrawling smut on the sides of term papers. The man I loved with a fierce passion is now mine--my husband--and yet I still possess all the crazy awkward, shy uncertainty of the years before now.

Every time something gets accepted it's no more a validation than it is a fluke.

The Blank, Thinking Hole

Sometimes I read books that make my mind not so secretly churn, for days, on every hitch of their plot and gnaw on the gristle of each character and their flaws. Most often this response is elicited by those authors I yearn to be like--to emulate and form some kind of version that's half them, half me. I'm not a copycat, but when ghost's of phrases pile up in my brain so that I can barely put words on the page myself, I want to be.

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