Finger Paintings

by Elise Hepner
Published by Excessica on February 24, 2012
An Erotica Selection

When Calliope finds out about her surprise Valentine’s Day gift—a painting session with a bunch of third graders—thrilled isn’t exactly the operative word. Shot to hell are her dreams of sexually reuniting with her overworked, overstressed longtime girlfriend, Michelle, who hasn’t had time for anything other than a quickie in months.   With one foot in the classroom, Calliope’s floored by the naive, chipper school teacher, Miss Havard. Even better when she gets a firsthand look at the flirtatious way Michelle fawns over the new woman. Yet, Calliope soon finds out that there’s more to her girlfriend’s seemingly innocent V-day surprise. A salacious fantasy unfolds putting their communication—and their bodies—to the test.   Fingers can do much more than paint and sometimes teachers teach much better outside of the classroom.   Warning: This work contains mild D/s play, an f/f/f scene, and explores voyeurism in an elementary school hallway and the backroom of a classroom while kids are at recess.