Flynn has been cursed for over a century for a social slight he never committed. A voodoo priestess hexed him and forced him into a teapot where he could be summoned by the rub of a woman’s palm. Once free, he grants these women three sexual favors—and cuts off his own emotions in the process. Unable to break free from an invisible cage of lust and sex to fall in love again, he’s resigned to being a sex object and nothing more.

Eliza has been house sitting far, far away from her complicated past in Maine—including her former childhood sweetheart, who wasn’t satisfied when Elena didn’t want to be barefoot and pregnant. She’s resigned to leave behind the complications of men and sex. She hopes logic will win out over her unreliable emotions—but she’s put to the test when she accidentally summons Flynn from his teapot prison.

Now she's stuck with three naughty wishes, a very willing genie, and only so many excuses. Will their burgeoning love be enough to break his spell and break Eliza's losing streak with relationships? THIS TITLE IS A FREE READ ON AMAZON AND BARNES AND NOBLES

A peaceful lunch at the beach turns into a torrid affair for straight-laced strip club owner, Vivian, when she rescues Drew, a beautiful, dangerous stranger from the surf. Caught in a wave of lust she can't resist, Type A Vivian learns how to let go--but it's that caution that she'll so desperately need if she's to survive in her lover's bed.

Drew emerges from the salty sea with only her body to use for communication--luckily, the otherworldly woman is well versed in body language. No sooner has she upended Vivian's life than she's inserting herself into every aspect of her world. Until seduction becomes the ultimate weapon--and both women are helpless against it.

A contemporary lesbian erotica twist on The Little Mermaid, as both women learn more about each other, complications arise from more than their mutual sexual attraction and they are forced to confront the darkness deep within themselves.



  Wake Up Call by Elise Hepner Newsreader Melina suffers from terrible attacks of nerves before each broadcast. Luckily, her girlfriend is on hand to help her get over them, by hiding under her desk and playing all manner of wicked games with her while she’s on air. Of course, there’s the danger she could be caught – but that only adds to the thrill…

Maybe one of the hidden benefits of everyone being so darn busy is the rise of the quickie! No one writes fresh fiction on quick sex better than Alison Tyler who has probably inspired more time-efficient trysts that any other eroticist. Whether at the office with your boss, in a restaurant restroom or naughty nooners with your long-time love, Tyler's Sudden Sex will have you dialing up a booty call stat!

Alison Tyler says: "My favorite short stories brand new. Crisp and focused, taut and tight. The pieces in this collection are waiting for you to slide them on, button the fly, then turn and admire how well they fit your kink. Because—as everyone who knows me understands by now—I’m all about the kink. This collection features BDSM, spanking, toys, tools, girls gone bad and men who need it just as bad. I’ve assembled stories from writers I’ve worked with for nearly two decades as well as wordsmiths who are new to me. What do the pieces have in common? Each one maxes out at 1500 words. That’s not a lot of small talk. We’ve cut the awkward getting to know you phase and instead parked you right up at the point. We’re past first base, past second, on our way to third. His hand is under your skirt; her palm is on your cock—we’re all adults here—no need to fight the fact that sometimes what we crave is simple: sudden sex."

Take a breath. Bite your lip. Get ready to get off.   This anthology has my story "Crawling Through Lust" in it.

One mistake can change a life—let alone an eternity.

When Tisiphone—a revenge demon working for Hades in the Underworld torturing damned souls—escapes for three days under the sun with a human male, her leash is pulled tight. Tisiphone’s banished from the Underworld to Earth and stripped of her demonic powers. But that’s not the worst fodder for her nightmares. 

Cithaeron’s human life was dedicated to revenge, until a demon walked into it. The wickedly intense, sensually destructive Tisiphone takes over his life with probing questions and haunting caresses. It’s over in a blink. After centuries of torture in Limbo, Hades brings him back for a judgment call that could change their intertwined lives—dead or alive.

Their future is in their past. Their lust can burn each other to the ground. But they’ve got to learn to work together or they’ll both go to Hell for good.

An erotic novella with f/f, BDSM and destination erotica themes.

Willa pinched pennies for two years to afford a resort vacation that's way out of her fire technician's salary. So she enlists the help of a vacation roommate to cut her costs in half. Enter Shelby, the little waif who, on her way down to their cabin, befalls trouble, making Willa play reluctant nursemaid. Shelby is very persuasive. She’ll erase Willa’s half of the bill – if Willa lays her complete submission on the line. A quiet ski resort vacation may turn into the mother of all sleepovers – and all Willa can think about is Shelby beneath her scorching sheets.

An erotic novella with lesbian and BDSM themes.

Working at a rundown library in her small hometown, Molly Fable becomes entrenched in a game of sexual cat and mouse. One of the patrons, Holly Ryder, has been purposefully ignoring her slew of overdue erotic books – and she’s less than subtle about her lack of payment ‑ or remorse. Unwilling to lose her job, and unable to cope with the weekly flirtatious visits, Molly silently seethes, while plotting to give Holly the punishment of her life. Beneath their veiled anger and erotic games comes a sexual fetishist understanding neither expected while getting it on in the archiving room. But emotions won't stop Molly from taking out every missing cent from Holly’s flesh.

One small, sand filled timer flipped Jasper and Jill’s world.   Boring, board game date nights evolved into twenty questions or a spanking. From stimulating conversations—to ripped panties as a makeshift gag. And Jasper’s new fascination with anything leather pulling Jill further down onto her knees.   The Rules of the Game: Jill draws on paper what she wants from her husband’s lips, tongue, teeth, and fingers   No stick figures   If Jasper can’t guess her needs, he takes over any way he sees fit   Only a minute to shift their roles—but there’s always time for the darkest pleasure—and a line they never thought they would cross.

  It’s nerdy, wordy and a little bit dirty. It’s 250 pages of geek-themed erotic stories, accompanied by full-color art and comics, all from some of the finest authors and artists in the industry. Think of it as the comma sutra. As full-frontal nerdity at its finest. As the bestiary of geek sexuality, proving once and for all that there’s nothing hotter than geeks in their natural habitats. Electrifying play with Tesla? We’ve got it. Hot gamers tapping that? Check. Making passes at girls – and boys – with glasses? That’s just the beginning. We’ve got sexy librarians, raid nights, geek boys in leather and lace, tentacles, sexbots, superheroes and high-tech toys galore. Stuffed with savory stories and loaded with sensual full-color art, comics and photographs created by some of the industry’s most talented authors and artists, Geek Love is a collection you’ll want to take to your bunk again and again. *Note: While all of three of the available versions feature the gorgeous art, we highly recommend the PDF version, which is full of beautiful layout and design elements, for your greatest viewing pleasure! Has my fairytale story Voyeristic Beauty in it.

Coming Together: Hungry for Love is a collection of zombie-themed erotic fiction edited by the fabulous Sommer Marsden. Sales proceeds benefit the American Diabetes Association.   CONTENTS: Little Deaths (Cora Zane); My Name is Brighton (Alana Noel Voth); Dead in the Water (Lynn Townsend); Head Full of Zombie (Alison Tyler); Zombie Apocalypse: First Responder (Kissa Starling); You Look Better Dead (Jeffrey L. Shipley); Zombie Goddess (Sadey Quinn); Dark Hunger ( Erzabet Bishop); Love Never Dies (t'Sade); Meat (Bobby Diabolus); Annie Morgan (Armand Rosamilia); Queer Zombie Disco (Kirsty Logan); The Tenderest Meat (Elise Hepner); Last Man on Earth (Blacksilk); Zombie Factory (Kiki Howell); Screen Siren (Annabeth Leong); You Make a Dead Man Come ( Sommer Marsden)